Acupuncture treatment of frozen shoulder syndrome

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Frozen shoulder is caused by a variety of shoulder joint capsule and surrounding muscles, tendons, ligaments, synovial bursa extensive adhesions formed condition. Frozen shoulder more common in 50-year-old middle-aged or elderly. More women than men. High incidence of left shoulder. Often encountered the cold shoulder disease. Shoulder pain gradually worsened. Shoulder pain is light during the day . Severe shoulder pain at night. And the emergence of the neck, ears, shoulder and forearm and hand radiating pain. Lift arm pain. Arm stretched back pain exacerbated. Shoulder limited mobility, can not do serious dressing, hair, face and other activities. Shoulder swelling is not obvious, there is widespread tenderness around the shoulder joint.
The human body is the body of the shoulder joint range of motion in the largest joint. Joint stability depends mainly on the strength of the muscles, tendons, ligaments around the joints to maintain. Due to poor blood supply to the tendon itself, but with age and soft tissue degenerative changes occur, the capacity of the various external forces weakened, the gradual emergence of shoulder pain. This is a clear relationship between movement, posture. Initially paroxysmal shoulder pain. The majority of chronic seizures. Patients also noted that the initial pain point, late expanded. Feeling pain from the humerus. Then after pain gradually increased, the formation of dull or knife-like pain. And persistent pain. Shoulder pain during the day and at night the pain increased pain relief is a feature. Most of the patients complained of pain often woke up late at night, can not sleep, especially not in shoulder pain on one side of the bed. serioue when the elbow joints may also be affected.
Shoulder joint in all directions can be limited. Outside the exhibition, on the move, internal rotation, external rotation of the most obvious. As the disease progresses. It will cause the joint capsule, soft tissue around the shoulder of adhesion. Decreased muscle strength. Shoulder in all directions. Severe elbow joints may also be affected.
1. Acute phase: sudden onset of severe pain, muscle spasms, joint activity limitation. Wide range of tenderness, coracoid, brachial beak ligament, post on the muscle, biceps appear tenderness. It lasted 3-15 weeks.
2. Frozen shoulder, also known as chronic phase of: At this relatively pain eased, but the range of shoulder tenderness remains widespread. Joint limited to development of atrophic dysfunction. At this time more severe joint limitation. Joint stiffness. Arm abduction, on the move, abduction, exhibition, after the touch is very difficult. Soft tissue around the shoulder joint adhesions state. Time 9-15 months
3. Functional rehabilitation: soft tissue around the shoulder joint and synovial blood supply back to normal. Soft tissue adhesions gradually restored. In the process of the gradual recovery of motor function, muscle blood supply, nutrition, nerve supply has been improved. Most patients with frozen shoulder shoulder function returned to normal or near normal. Muscle atrophy take longer to return to normal exercise. Time 15-24 months
Application of acupuncture can regulate vascular function, improve blood circulation, stasis pathological metabolites inflammation accelerate the decomposition zone and carried away, or inactivating it. Acupuncture also reduce the area of inflammation vascular permeability, reducing inflammatory exudate, reduce inflammation and generalized inflammatory exudation substances accelerate absorption, reduce swelling, relieve stretch its stimulating effect on peripheral nerves. So acupuncture in the treatment of frozen shoulder effect is quite good.
Acupuncture can activate the body’s endogenous morphine-like substances, play a strong analgesic effect. Frozen shoulder recovery, acupuncture can significantly promote tissue repair, and inhibit the excessive proliferation of connective tissue and reduce adhesions to relieve dysfunction. So that in each period of frozen shoulder pathology, acupuncture has a significant and reliable therapeutic effect. Thus, the role of acupuncture treatment of frozen shoulder a lot.
The clinical manifestations of multiple frozen shoulder and arm pain, the function is limited, the pathological mechanism of bleeding lesions, edema peripheral nerve pain of oppression and distraction, so that local inflammatory stasis metabolite concentration increased direct stimulation of pain nerves, so have severe pain. Inflammatory exudate so generalized inflammation, involving the adjacent tissue, post connective tissue proliferation, adhesion, etc., so that joint movement disorder. Acupuncture treatment of frozen shoulder, can effectively alleviate or even remove these symptoms.
Western medicine treatment of frozen commonly used drug therapy with surgery, drug therapy is designed to allow patients with oral anti-inflammatory analgesic drugs, but most patients will relapse after withdrawal, and the use of surgical methods of treatment are easily lead to soft tissue adhesions, it is generally recommended treatment of frozen shoulder are more Chinese medicine treatment methods. Information about the acupuncture treatment of Frozen shoulder , please visit our website

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