Acupuncture treatment of heel pain

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Heel pain on one side or both sides of the pain, not red nor swollen, walking inconvenience. It is due to the heel bone, joint, bursa, fascia, etc. lesions caused by the disease. The plantar fascia is a common inflammation, long-term, chronic injuries caused by the performance of the plantar fascia fiber breakage and repair process. Which is characterized by the early morning when standing and walking unilateral or bilateral foot or heel pain, such as needle-shaped. A few minutes the pain disappeared after the event, and then will be a long line of pain. Sometimes change after cold weather and also aggravate the symptoms.
More common in prolonged standing or walking workers, long-term, chronic injury. High incidence of middle-aged women. Serious difficulties in walking. Doctors believe heel pain is mainly due to the heel bone hyperplasia, joint, Achilles tendinitis, bursitis, fasciitis and other diseases induced. Lateral X, fascia Fuli and tenderness at the osteoarthritis in the medial calcaneal beneath the lateral X-ray films showed heel spur. But there is not necessarily spur heel pain, plantar fasciitis may not have bone spurs.
Traditional Chinese medicine, heel pain mostly liver and kidney, phlegm, blood, etc. due to the very hot. Liver reinforcement, renal bone, liver and kidney deficiency, bones dystrophy, complex sense evil wind cold or chronic strain will lead to stasis meridian, blood running blocked, so that muscle and dystrophy disease.
Clinical symptoms of heel pain:
1. The bottom of the heel pain, walking in some patients after improving. Tired and then increase. Some patients patients can be improved after the break.
2. There is the feeling of pain at the bottom of the heel. Usually has three pain points located inside the external ankle bone attachment respectively, through the part of the foot.
3. The bottom of the foot to the inside of the turn Or turn to the outside, accompanied by a foot pain. Activities of obstacles.
4. The foot heel pain to accentuate when walking activities. Rest pain relief.
Causing heel pain causes. Calcaneal lesions factors: such as fractures. Calcaneal deformity. Calcaneus bone spurs hyperplasia. Sports injury: the human body during daily activities most frequent action, most likely injury action, action is the neck down, the rise of neck movement. Hip flexion and extension movements. Waist flexion and extension movements. Knee flexion and extension movements. The sixth and seventh cervical cervical cervical portion is most likely injury.
Seventh cervical spinous process highest above attached muscles maximum force, most likely damage. The body’s muscles and ligaments as a closed chain. The seventh cervical vertebra injury in chain drive way. Transmitted to the bottom of the foot, causing foot pain. Similarly, waist injury, pelvic displacement, knee injuries are conduction through the chain, causing heel pain. This is a factor in the treatment of heel pain disorders need to be considered. Many people tend to ignore these. When they could not find the real cause of the treatment of pain. Helpless.
Of cervical causes heel pain, treatment point in the sixth or seventh cervical spine. Waist causes heel pain, treatment of muscle at the point in the sacral spine. Hip causes heel pain, treatment at the point of the greater trochanter. Heel pain, knee treatment point causes the patella in place. Therapy should be based on the principles of Chinese medicine, blood circulation, to wind and dampness. Information about the acupuncture treatment of   Heel Pain, please visit our website at

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